WM will begin residential waste collection services beginning October 1, 2023


Never put holiday lights into recycling. Dispose of broken holiday lights in the trash or donate strings of lights you no longer want. When lights are mistakenly put into recycling carts, they can cause serious safety issues at recycling sorting facilities where the cords can become tangled-up in rotating machinery causing potential injury to workers and damage to equipment.

As many of you are aware, Logan City will discontinue providing trash collection services outside of Logan City limits. Logan City has provided these services since the 1970s. At the time, the county did not want to take on this responsibility which resulted in a poorly written service agreement with Logan City.

The time has come for independent municipalities in Cache County to be back in the driver’s seat with their service agreements and the services they provide for their citizens. The discontinuation of trash services being provided by Logan City is one step in the right direction for independent municipalities to chart their own course moving forward.