Don’t forget to license your dog by March 1

Proof of current rabies is required if it has expired within the last year.  You can drop proof and payment into the drop box and we’ll mail you the tag. Dogs that are spayed or neutered cost $10.  Otherwise the cost is $20.  A $10 late fee will apply after March 1, so don’t delay 🙂  Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Don’t forget to license your dog by March 1

  1. Crystal Zimmerman says:

    What about puppies? It’s not healthy to neuter large dogs before 18 months old, sometimes 2 years. It can stunt their growth and cause health problems. Are we charged for not neutering a puppy? Or does this apply after a certain age, like 2 years, when large breeds are considered full grown and neutering is safe for them.

    • Sheila Lind says:


      The code states: “For a dog under the age of six (6) months, the city may accept certification from a licensed veterinarian that the owner has deposited funds for spaying or neutering.” (5-2-3:A.1). Otherwise, the cost is $20 for a dog that isn’t spayed or neutered, no matter the age.

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